Longmead Philatelics



1/- Green Plate 7- very Fine used cancelled by Blackpool CDS SG.117  Cat £90  -- £48

1/- Green Palte 7 very fine corner marginal - nicely used with Mosely St- Manchester CDS-  SG.117  - £52

1/- Green  Plate 5 being the Stock Exchange Forgery- Fine Very Good appearance--Cat £850--£260

1/- Green Plate 5- The Stock Exchange Fogery With Impossible letters - FP- Very Fine  Cat £1500-- £725    

1/- Green Plate 4 cancelled by Manchester CDS-scarse on this plate--£58

1/- Green Plate 4-Very Fine used cancelled by Newcastle CDS- SG.117 Scarse-- £60

2/- Dull Blue - Unused (regummed)- Of fine appearance with excellent perfs and centering- Small fault/gum disturbance at base-- Cat £4500 - £260  SOLD

2/- Blue Fine used cancelled by Southend CDS_ _Nice colour-clean fresh and attractive  SG.118--£95 SOLD

2/- Brown - Very goos sound used- Very good colour- reasonably good cancel for these-SG.121  Cat £4250- £660   SOLD

2/- Brown (NB) of reasonably good appearance - has a small corner scuff but generally still good - SG.121 Cat £4250--  £395  SOLD

6d Chestnut Plate 11  horiz pair with stamp NF showing the variety "Figure 11 on NF damaged"- Very fine used with Kirkham CDS Cancels-- SG.Spec J79d Cat £455-- £145

6d Pale Buff Plate 11 horiz pair each cancelled by Donaghadee CDS cancels (just 3 days after date of issue)-SG.123  Cat £250--£90

2/- Dull Blue JF) Unused-no gum- Fine appearance (perfs at right a little blunted + tiny repair)) -Shows break in lower "F" Square- SG.118  Cat £4500--£190  SOLD

6d Pale Buff Plate 11 used on env from Bangor to Rome - Bangor duplex + PD (paid to dest6ination ) in red below- Cat £300- £30    SOLD