Longmead Philatelics

1d Black (FI) Plate 4 used on super small neat cover from Ipswich Sept 14-1840- Stamp is superb  with 4 good to large margins cancelled by a lovely full strike of Red MX- very appealing-- £495

1d Black (AE) Plate 10 used on cover from London (Mecklinburgh Sq)  Feb 22 -1841-  Stamp with 4 good to large margins well teid by excellent Black MX-- cover with light vert fold /crease line but  otherwise clean and attractive-- Cat £3500   - £645

1d Black (CA) Plate 1bused on cover being a printed advert for Steads Patent Wooden Pavement-- Stamp fine with 4 well clear to good margins- cover uncreased- £260   SOLD

1d Grey Black Plate 1a - used on cover cancelled by Manchester Fishtail MX in Black - Good legible strike-- Stamp with 4 clear to wide margins -clearly shows the Shifted transfer at base- Cover with light vertical crease- otherwise  fine. Has a clear 2003 RPS Cert--Cat £4500 as a non Plate 1a in Black-- £645    SOLD

1d Black (GD) Plate 2 usec on env with Late Use March 1841 cancelled by a fine  Black MX- Revrse shows fine Undated Knighton circular- Stamp very fine and nicely tied  with 4 good to large/huge margins-Plate 2  cancelled by black MX Cats £650 off cover-- £320

1d Black (KK) Plate 3 used on cover from Aberdeen (Sept 7th -1840) cancelled by a Ruby MX- Stamp with 4 good margins. Has a clear 2009 Brandon Cert- Cat £4500-- £525   SOLD

1d Black (IG) PLate 5 used on small piece cancelled by the distinctive Greenock MX- Stamp with 4 clear to wide margins leaving profile clear and well tied. (The piece has been refolded for presentation)-This item is listed in the Encyclopedia of MX,s with a note that this item was once turned down by RPS as not a Greenock MX-However it clearly is the distinctive Greenock MX

and now has a clear 2019 Jackson Cert - Cat £3000 off cover-- £725

1d Black (RK) Plate 5 used on cover from Leeds cnacelled by the distinctive Leeds MX - used on 27th March 1841- to Pontefract- Stamp with 4 good to wide margins- Has a clear 2007 RPS Cert- Cat £10,000==£1675

1d Black (TG) Plate 6 used on entire from Malton Whistle Nov 9th 1840 (script on letter heading)-Shows a fair Maltom Whistle  undated circular on reverse-Stamp with 4 good to huge margins (part marginal at base) Cover with light central fold line- £350