Longmead Philatelics


2d Blue (KB) Superb used with 4 good to large margins cancelled by a fine Black MX-  £320  SOLD

2d Blue (SJ) Plate 2 cancelled by a  fine Red MX-  4 close to wide margins- Clean freah and attractive--   Cat  £1750- --£190  SOLD

2d Blue (EG) plate 2 - Super appearance with neat part black MX leaving profile clear=  4  close/clear to good margins--  £240  SOLD

2d Blue (CA) Plate 2- showing letter "C" Double - Good 4 margined appearance - light black MX- £170   SOLD

2d Blue (RI) Plate 2  - Very Good used with 4 well clear to mostly wide margins - good black MX- £180   SOLD

2d Blue (PA) Plate 2 cancelled by a Brown MX -stamp also shows letter "P" Double -   4 close tp very good margins but sadly though attractive has a sharp diagonal crease-- £160  SOLD