Longmead Philatelics


5/- Rose Plate 4 Wk Anchor on white paper- Attractive appearance cancelled by a lovely Sheffield CDS- Has a clear 2003 RPS Cert,  SG.134  Cat £3800----£1400   SOLD

5/- Rose Plate 4 on Blued paper-Good appearance with Greenock CDS-Good appearance but there is a small reverse soil/small perf fault neither obious at first- SG.130  Cat £4000- £250    SOLD

10/- Greenisg Grey Wk Anchor-white paper-Good appearance with Cornhill CDS Cancels but has a small corner repair- SG.135 Cat £4500--£395  SOLD

10/- Greenish Grey- wk Anchore white paper- Reasonably good appearance for these- bsaically sound though some small imperfections/soils-  SG.135-- Cat £4000- £360   SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac-Wk Anchor White paper- Of much above average appearnce with very good colour- Clean and fresh cancelled by London Hooded CDS- some not particularly noticeable perf faults--SG.136  Cat £7000 -- £1450  SOLD