Longmead Philatelics


5/- Rose Plate 4 Wk Anchor on white paper- Attractive appearance cancelled by a lovely Sheffield CDS- Has a clear 2003 RPS Cert,  SG.134  Cat £3800----£1400

5/- Rose Plate 4 Wk Anchor on white paper- quite good appearance -good colour- registered cancel but has some repair/reperf work-  SG>134  Cat £4200--- £95   SOLD

10/- Greenish Grey Wk Anchor  White paper neatly cancelled by o fine York St-Manchester CDS- Has a trace of a faint crease (barely visible, if at all, to the naked eye-  SG.135  Cat £4000---£770   SOLD

10/- Greenish Grey Wk Anchor on white paper-  Good used cancelled by Lombard St Sq,d circle.  SG.135  Cat £4000  -- £285  SOLD

10/- Greeish Grey Wk Anchor white paper- fair appearance but has a corner repair-  SG.135  Cat £4000  -  £165 - SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac  Wk.Anchor White paper -of very good appearance cancelled by an upright London CDS- has some light blue crayon marks- with some very light rubbs with a little touch up work in the "E" corner squares  SG.136   Cat £700 --- £1100  SOLD

£5 Orange - Superb used cancelled by a fine upright Belfast CDS- Clean fresh and very attractive- Has a clear 2001 RPS Cert  SG.137  Cat £3500   -  £2250----SOLD

£5 Orange cancelled by Belfast CDS -   - has some small perf repairs and a faint trace of blue crayon line but neither particularly noticeable -appearance  remains good.  SG.137 Cat £3500-  £1100   SOLD

£5 Orange- Unmounted Mint- Lovely fresh appearance-has a light minor gum crease- Cat £12,000- £3850  SOLD