Longmead Philatelics

5/- Rose Plate 1 Neatly used cancelled by Scottish 159 numeral of Glasgow- Lovely clean print-good pers and centering-Faint soil line at base, barely visible  SG.126  Cat £675   -£75   SOLD

5/- Rose Plate 1- Very Good used cancelled bu Hull CDS -Good colour-little off centre-SG.126 Cat £675- £130   SOLD

5/- Pale Rose Plate2- Fine used cancelled by Lothbury St CDS cancels- Cat £1500-- £245  SOLD

5/- Pale Rose Plate 2 - Of very fine appearance cancelled by neat-West Strand CDS but has a small repair-SG.126  Cat  £1500--  £88  SOLD

10/- Greenish Grey Wk MX -of an exceptionally deep colour- Very fine used-well centered-good perfs neat Registered cancel  SG.128  Cat £3200- £625  SOLD

10/- Greenisg  Grey Wk MX- Very good used with quite a neat cancel for these- some slight soils (mostly along top) and appearance remains quite good.  SG.128  Cat £3200-- £320   SOLD

10/- Greenish Grey Wk MX-Good used of fair appearance-some slight imperfections inc slight crayon line.  SG.128  Cat £3200- £275  SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac Wk MX- cancelled by a fine upright London CDS-Some small perf faults at base. SG.129  Cat £4500-   £450   SOLD