Longmead Philatelics

5/- Rose Plate 1 Neatly used cancelled by Scottish 159 numeral of Glasgow- Lovely clean print-good pers and centering-Faint soil line at base.  SG.126  Cat £675   -£85

5/- Pale Rose Plate 2- Fine meatly used  cancelled bt Alnwick CDS-- SG.127   Cat £1500  --  £395   SOLD

5/- Rose Plate 1- Very Good used cancelled bu Hull CDS -Good colour-little off centre-SG.126 Cat £675- £140

5/- Pale Rose Plate2- Fine used cancelled by Lothbury St CDS cancels- Cat £1500-- £250

5/- Pale Rose Plate 2 - Of very fine appearance cancelled by neat-West Strand CDS but has a small repair-SG.126  Cat  £1500--  £195

10/- Greenish Grey-Very Fine used cancelled by St.Enoch Sq CDS-So difficyult to get in this condition-  SG.128 Cat £3200-- £775  SOLD

10/- Greenish Grey-Fine used cancelled by Glasgow CDS -very much above average--SG.128  Cat £620   SOLD

10/- Greenish  Grey -fair used -off centre/off centre/untidy cancel-small faults- SG.128  Cat £3200-- £110  SOLD

£1 Brown Lilas- Fine used cancelled by neat upright Glasgow CDS - Good colour, clean and fresh  SG.129  Cat £4500  -  £1300  SOLD

£1 Brown Lilac- Good colour but some recut perfs at top-  SG.129   Cat £4500-- £375  SOLD

5/- Rose Plate 1 - Used block of 4-reasonably good appearance- Has perf splirs reinforced and some reverse faults-stains or soils-  Cat £4000--  £375