Longmead Philatelics



5/- Rose overprinted Specimen Type 9-- Very Fine Mint-appears unmounted

Clean and fresh  -Excellent original gum

SG.180s Cat £450---  £140

5/- Rose-superb used cancelled by Ipswich CDS-Clean fresh and attractive

SG.180  Cat £250   -  £85

10/- Ultram-Good used cancelled by Sunderland CDS (+very light part straight line)

SG.183    Cat £525   -  £65

5/- Crimson (JE) -Superb Unmounted Mint- Excellent uncreased and untoned original gum. Clean fresh facial appearance----SG.181   Cat £975 - £495  SOLD

2/6 Lilac (LC) Fine Unmounted Mint - Good clean original gum- SG.178 Cat £600  - £220

2/6 Lilac (BA) Unmounted mint- Superb clean print- Clean and very fresh- there is a very small minor marginal gum wrinkle otherwise excellent original gum- SG178  Cat £600--  £150   SOLD

2/6 Lilac (FD) Unmounted Mint - some perf ends a little rough (on right side) a little rough - otherwise fine original gum  SG. 178  Cat £600--£85   SOLD

5/- Rose (MH) Very Good mint - very lightly mounted-good facial appearance- some light colour suffusion onto reverse SG.180 Cat £975-- £145

10/- Ultram (JE) Very Fine unmounted mint- Clean and fresh with excellent untoned original gum  - SG.183  Cat £2250-- £675  SOLD

10/- Ultram (ED) Unmounted Mint - good untoned gum- Littel off centre-- SG.183a  - Cat £2250--  £575  SOLD

10/- Ultram (MA) Fine Unmounted Mint-Excellent untoned/uncreased original gum - nice print- SG.183- Cat £2250-- £585  SOLD

10/- Ultram (IF) Unmounted mint - has some faint vague traces of toning lower right corner - otherwise fine- SG-183a Cat £2250--  £485  SOLD

10/- Ultram (NG) Mint - has a tiny rub and light gum crease but appearance still good--SG.183  Cat £2250-- £290

2/6 Lilac Superb used cancelled by Pitloghry CDS- Clean fresh and very attractive - SG.178 Cat £160-- £58

2/6 Lilac Very Fine used cancelled by fine Totlabd Bay CDS (Isle of Wight)- SG.178  Cat £160-- £55

2/6 Lilac on Blued paper - nuce appearance cancelled by Devonport CDS - but has some slight faults - mostly soils /perf faults top right-- SG.175  Cat £1500==-- £88

5/- Rose - Superb used cancelled by a fine near full upright Penmaenmawr (Welsh ) CDS - SG.180  Cat £250-- £78  SOLD

5/- Rose super used with lovely deep rich colour cancelled by a fine Truro  CDS- SG.180   Cat £250- £60

5/- Rose Good used  cancelled by Montrose M.O.O CDS- shows a good interesting frame break top right   SG.180  Cat £250---£48

10/- Ultram Very Fine used cancelled by a fine Kingston-on-Thames CDS- Lovely bright clean colour- Fresh and attractive  SG.183  Cat £525--  £185

10/- Ultram  - Superb used cancelled by a very fine upright Birkenhead CDS- SG.183 Cat £525-- £185

10.- Ultram (AG) Superb used cancelled by part CDS at top part of stamp leaving head totally clear-Nice cnlean fresh print SG.183--Cat £525-- £145

10/- Ultram (FC) Fine used cancelled by neat Jersey CDS-- SG.183  Cat £525- £110  SOLD

10/0 Ultram superb marginal used canceeled by "Surbiton Kingston-on-Thames" CDS- Clean and fresh-  SG.183   Cat £525----£225   SOLD