Longmead Philatelics



5/- Rose overprinted Specimen Type 9-- Very Fine Unmounted mint

Clean and fresh  -Excellent original gum

SG.180s Cat £450---  £140

2/6 Lilac (LC) Fine Unmounted Mint - Good clean original gum- SG.178 Cat £600  - £240

2/6 Lilac Very Fine used cancelled by fine Totlabd Bay CDS (Isle of Wight)- SG.178  Cat £160-- £58

5/- Rose Good used  cancelled by Montrose M.O.O CDS- shows a good interesting frame break top right   SG.180  Cat £250---£48  

5/- Rose cancelled by K48 numeral -issued to the London and Holyhead T.P.O.-  Fine and most unusual- £62

2/6 Lilac (EA) Very Good Unmounted Mint-excellent original gum- SG.178  Cat £600-  £185  SOLD

2/6 Lilac on Blued Paper - Fine used cancelled by Plymouth CDS- Good early date with good amount of bluing.  SG.175  Cat £1500-- £240  SOLD

5/- Rose on Blued Paper- Cancelled by Knidgesbridge CDS  on March 7th 1885 - Very attractive  SG.176  Cat £4000-  £550  SOLD

10/- Ultram on Blued Paper cancelled by West Strand CDS Jan 15- 1885-Has some light crease/soil lines but appearance remains good- SG.177  Cat £8250-- £525   SOLD

2/t6 Lila on Blued paper overprinted Specimen- Fine fresh lightly mounted mint. SG.175s Cat £625-- £235

5/- Rose on Blued paper - Perf 12 overprinted Specimen -- Good mint  Cat £2400-- £320  

10/-Cobalt on Blued paper overprinted Specimen-Very Good mint  Cat £5500-- £825  

5/- Crimson (good deep colour) Fine used cancelled by Gainsborough CDS (just a trifle oily onto reverse) still an attractive stamp-  £48

5/- Crimson (bright colour)- Fine used cancelled by upright Cheltenham CDS--£42

10/- Ultram- Supern used cancelled by a  neat light Church CDS- Clean fresh and most attractive- SG.183 Cat £525-- £195  SOLD

10/- Ultram Very fine used cancelled by Dundee M.O.O CDS--SG.183 Cat £525--  £195

10/- Pale Blue, in a pleasant pastel shade- Fine used cancelled by a neat Edinburgh CDS - SG.183a  Cat £550- £145  SOLD

2/6 Lilac (GC) Superb marginal Unmounted mint - Clean and fresh. SG.178  Cat £600- £260  SOLD

10/- Cobalt on white paper overprinted specimen-  Little untidily mounted -Good appearance--        SG.182s  Cat £3400---£550

10/- Overprinted Specimen - Superb facial appearance -lovely bright colour -but has a rather heavyish central mount.  SG.183s  Cat £550-- £105