Longmead Philatelics



1913 £1 Green Seahorse--cancelled by thimble central steel CDS-  Excellent appearance

SG.403  Cat 1400---£795

1913 £1 Green Seahorse -nicely used cancelled by neat Jersey CDS (+small part at base(- Tiny perf imperfections -otherwise very fine

SG.403   Cat £1400  - £565

2/6 Deep Sepia brown on Ribbed Paper (vertical) Fine Unmounted Mint-Clean and fresh-- SG.Spec N63(2)   Cat £ £850 --  £260   SOLD

2/6 Deep Sepia Brown- Very Fine Unmounted Mint-Clean fresh --SG.399  Cat £850  -  £250   SOLD

2/6 Sepia Brown- Fine Unmounted mint- excellent original gum--  SG.400 - Cat £600--- £160

5/- Carmine Red-Very Fine fresh Unmounted Mint - in a slightly unusual pinkish shade- SG.401-- Cat £1300----£420

5/- Rose Carmine-Unmounted Mint in a deeper shade-Little off centre and a minute grit spot in gum-otherwise fine- Clean and fresh- SG.401 Cat £1300----£185  SOLD

5/- Rose Carmine Very Good - Unmounted Mint -Reasonably well centered with good perfs-Some  very minor gum crinkles  SG.410  Cat £1300   ---£295   SOLD

5/- Rose Carmine Superb marginal Unmounted Mint-Clean and fresh-clear print with excellent untoned/uncreased original gume.  SG.401  Cat £1300--£550   SOLD

10/- Indigo Blue-Fine marginal Unmounted Mint-Clean and fresh--SG.402  Cat £1800  -    £585

10/- Indigo Blue- Very Fine Unmounted Mint-super clean fresh appearance-  SG.402  Cat £1800-- £545

10/- Indigo Blue marginal Unmounted Mint- little off centre otherwise fine- clean and fresh- SG.402-- Cat £1800-- £465   SOLD

£1 Green Marginal Unmounted Mint-There is a slight paper wrinkle in margin only otherwise the stamp is clean and fresh with excellent untoned and uncreased original  gum--SG.403  Cat £3750---£2000  

£1 Blue Green Seahorse- Very fine Unmounted MInt- Clean and fresh-good perfs--SG.404-- Cat £3800 --£1700   SOLD

2/6 Sepia Brown - super marginal used cancelled by lovely "Field Post Office" still retains its full  original gum (Margin just thinned at right)-attractive--SG.400 Cat £150--£80  - SOLD

10/- Indigo Blue   Very fine used cancelled by  Guernsye CDS--SG.402--Cat £475--£160   SOLD

10/- Indigo Blue - Fine used cancelled by a light full thimble CDS--SG.402-- Cat £475-- £140

£1 Blue Green in a dark shade-- Fine neatly used cancelled by a fine Guernsey CDS--SG.404   Cat £1600   -£675   SOLD

£1 Green Seahorse- Fine used cancelled by CDS-Good perfs and centering-  SG.403  Cat £1400 --£595  SOLD