Longmead Philatelics



1915 5/- Bright Carmine in a deep shade- Very good used cancelled by CDS

SG.409     Cat £400    --  £62

1915 10/- Blue Seahorse-Fine used cancelled by neat CDS-Good perfs and centering-Clean,  fresh & attractive

SG.412  Cat £875     £295

1915 10/- Blue Seahorse -shows misplaced Wk showing part of POSTAGE Wk at top

Cancelled bu indistint part CDS -some slight soils

SG.412    Cat £875   -- £80    SOLD

1915 10/- Deep Blue Seahorse -Superb used cancelled by small  neat light central CDS-Attractive

SG.411   Cat £1000    £360

1915 2/6  Grey Bron- Superb Unmounted mint- Excellent perfs/centering and gum- SG.407  Cat £700---- £295    SOLD

1915 2/6 Srepai Brown - Fine Unmounted mint with good perfs and centering with good untoned gum -slightly deeper colour- SG.408  Cat £550--£195    SOLD

1915 2/6 Sepia Brown- Superb Unmounted mint-with good perfs cenetering and unusually untoned gum.  SG.408  Cat £550---£240   SOLD

1915 2/6 in an unusual super bright Yellow Brown (with a reddish tinge)- Superb Unmounted Mint with excellent original gum-  £320  SOLD

1915 2/6 in an exceptional bright pale yellow brown shade-Superb with excellent perfs/centering and gum-An amazing shade- £350   SOLD

1915 2/6 Deep Yellow Brown - Corner marginal Unmounted mint  - Clean and fresh with excellent original gum  SG.405  Cat 680  --£275   SOLD

1915 5/- Bright Carmine  -Very Fine Unmounted Mint-- SG.409  Cat £1100--  £425    SOLD

1915 5/- Pale Carmine- Fine Unmounted Mint- excellent original gum--  SG.410  Cat £1400-- £350   SOLD

1915 5/- Bright Carmine- Unmounted mint- lovely colour but much off centre- SG,409  Cat £1100  --£125    SOLD

1915 5/- Pale Carmine - Unmounted Mint but some perf faults- SG.410  Cat £1400--£95  SOLD

1915 10/- Blue Unmounted Mint- Fresh and clean-has usual streaky gum (but quite mild here)-Good stamp for issue-- SG.412  Cat £4000--£1350   SOLD

1915 10/- Pale Blue - Unmounted Mint-Clean and fresh-has a very slight corner gum crease but otherwise the gum is fine- SG.413  Cat £4250--- £985   SOLD

1915 10/- Blue- Unmounted mint with excellent original gum but has a couple faulty repaired perfs- SG.412  Cat £4000 -    SOLD

1915 2/6 Yellow Brown- Very Good used -cancelled by light CDS.  SG.406  Cat £225--£38    SOLD

1915- 2/6 in an unusual  lovely pale yellow brown shade (towards the cinamon shade)- Superb used cancelled by neat part  CDS-  SG.406 Variety--£140    SOLD

1915 10/- Blue Seahorse Very good used cancelled by CDS (pretty much leaving head clear)  SG.412-- Cat £875--   £185   SOLD

1915 10/- Deep Intense Bright Blue -in an outstanding intensity of colour- Excellent appearance cancelled by 149 Regent St CDS--Reperfed along top -and a corner crease over last two perfs at right- Has  a 2019 RPS cert -"stating reperfed ant top right perfs added" - something I disagree with- However attractive and  a stunning shade in spite of faults-- SG.N70(5)  Cat £4000-- £585

1915-10/- Deep Intense Bright Blue in a super shade- Very Good used cancelled by CDS- SG>Spec N70(5)- £660