Longmead Philatelics



1915 10/- Blue Seahorse-Fine used cancelled by neat CDS-Good perfs and centering-Clean,  fresh & attractive

SG.412  Cat £875     £295   SOLD

1915 10/- Deep Intense Bright Blue -in an outstanding intensity of colour- Excellent appearance cancelled by 149 Regent St CDS--Reperfed along top -and a corner crease over last two perfs at right- Has  a 2019 RPS cert -"stating reperfed at top  and top right perfs added" - something I disagree with- However attractive and  a stunning shade in spite of faults-- SG.N70(5)  Cat £4000-- £575

1915-10/- Deep Intense Bright Blue in a super shade- Very Good used cancelled by CDS- SG>Spec N70(5)- £575

1915 2/6 Seal Brown Fine marginal Unmounted Mint-- SG.408  Cat £550-- £235    SOLD

1915 2/6 Sepia Brown (in a slightly deeper shade)-Unmounted mint with excellent original gum-off centre and a few blunted perf faults-SG.408  Cat £550 - £110   SOLD

1915 2/6 Grey Brown- Superb Unmounted Mint- Excellent Perfs, centering and gum  SG.407   Cat £700  -  £295   SOLD

1915 2/6 Grey Brown in Pale very worn state to the extent that the finer details and background above the seahorses blank -superb Unmounted mint- an exceptional stamp  SG 407  Cat £700-- £360   

1915 2/6 Grey Brown -Superb Unmounted Mint-Very good Perfs/Centering/Gum-- SG.407  Cat £700- £295   SOLD

1915 2/6 Blacklish Brown - Unmounted mint -but off centre and some blunted perfs.  SG.Spec N64 (14)  Cat £2400  -- £145   SOLD

1915 5/- Bright Carmine-  Superb  Unmounted Mint- Very good centering and perfs-Excellent uncreased/untoned original gum  SG.409   Cat £1100--£450  

1915 5/- Pale Carmine- Fine Unmounted mint -Excellent original gum  SG.410  Cat £1400  - £395  SOLD

1915 5/- Bright Carmine in a super vibrant deep shade-- Excellent uncreased original gum-An exceptional stamp--SG409  Cat £1100-- £550   SOLD

1915 10/- Blue Mint- appears to be Unmounted (just a trifle  corner gum blemish)  -some slightly blunted perfs-otherwise fine and fresh- SG.412  Cat £4000--  £565    SOLD

1915 10/- Blue - quite good appearance cancelled by a CDS by has some perf faults and some soiling n-SG.412- Cat £875--  £48  SOLD

1915 10/- Blue-lovely fresh mint with unusually excellent centering and generally good perfs- Usual streaky gum which appears to be unmounted mint-Most attractive--£1500  SOLD