Longmead Philatelics


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1934 5/- Re-engraved Superb marginal Unmounted Mint- Fresh clean-super gum SG.451  Cat £400--- £175

1934 10/- Re-engraved Superb marginal-Unmounted Mint--

Fresh, clean excellent untoned gum

  SG.452  Cat £500---£235   SOLD

1934-Re-engraved High Value set -Superb Unmounted Mint-Excellent untoned and uncreased original gum- Has 1994 Dienna Certs - £475

1934 Re-engraved High Vlues -Very Fime unmounted mint- Excellent untoned and uncreased original gum- £440

1934 Re-engraved High Value Set-Unmounted mint- fine gum -  5/-  a little off centre---£310    SOLD

1934 Re-engraved High Value set-Very fime mint- At first looks Unmounted but nedds carefull examination to reveal extremely faint traces of hinge-- £175

1934-5/- Re-engraved- Very good unmounted Mint-SG.451- Cat £400--   £110

1934 5/- Re-engraved Unmounted mint but has a slight gum wrinkle-  SG.451  Cat £400---£62  SOLD