Longmead Philatelics



2d Blue (LI-MJ) SG.34 used block of 4- overall has a  soiled surface and a few rough perfs--Cat £1000--- £58

2d Blue (LF) SG.19 misperfed horizonatally giving appearance of being imperf  at base - £48

2d Deep Blue (LD) Pl.4  Wk.sc P.14

In an exceptionally deep shade. Very fine used (exceptional for issue) with good perfs and centering-with cancel leaving profile clear. SG.23 Cat £225--- £65

2d Blue (LF)  SG.27- Very Fine used cancelled by part Hanover St-Scots local-Good perfs and centering

Cat £450  -  £88

2d Blue (HJ) SG.34- Very Fine used cancelled by Irish dated diamond for Oct 15-1857--£38

2d Blue SG.35 used on cover cancelled by super strike of Wisbeach sideways duplex

Cover slightly refolded for appearance but otherwise a fine very attractive item-  Cat £200   -£65

2d Blue SG.19 strip of 3 -PC showing double letter (Cat £190)- Fine Used  - £32

2d Sg.23 (EE) SG.23 Very Fine used- unusually neatly cancelled with good perfs and centering -Cat £225-- £58

2d Blue (TK) SG.34 - Fine used cancelled by CDS--£22

2d Blue SG.34 Fine used Block of 4 cancelled by 435 Duplex of Aberayvon in BLUE- Has a clear 1990 RPS Cert ((as Blue cancellation)--£210   SOLD

2d Greenish Blue SG.34  Very good used block of 4 Cat £1000- £88

2d Blue SG.35 used on env cancelled by Cheltenham Sideways duplex-Good used Cat £200- £17

2d Blue (MJ) SG.35 used on entire London to Dublin. Quite early use on 19th Aud 2019-Very light horiz fold line otherwise fine and attractive-  fairly common but surprisingly difficult to obtain in good condition  Cat £200 -£33