Longmead Philatelics



2d Deep Blue (LD) Pl.4  Wk.sc P.14

In an exceptionally deep shade. Very fine used (exceptional for issue) with good perfs and centering-with cancel leaving profile clear. SG.23 Cat £225--- £65

2d Blue SG.35 used on cover cancelled by super strike of Wisbeach sideways duplex

Cover slightly refolded for appearance but otherwise a fine very attractive item-  Cat £200   -£65

2d Blue (MJ) SG.35 used on entire London to Dublin. Quite early use on 19th Aud 2019-Very light horiz fold line otherwise fine and attractive-  fairly common but surprisingly difficult to obtain in good condition  Cat £200 -£33

2d Blue (TC) Plate 4   - SG.19 -showing extrmem plate wear at base- Very Good used -SG.Spec F1j-- Cat £200- £55  SOLD

2d Pale Blue (EL) SG.20 showing major damage to right hand perfs due to missing pine perf-- £60   SOLD

2d SG.19 being the "CE-Re-entry"- Very fine used, unusually well centered  Cat £200-- £52  SOLD

2d Blue (OK) SG>34 With Inverted Wk0- Very fine neatly used - Cat  £325 --  £88   SOLD

2d Blue SG.35 Lettered SE  clearly showing the re-entry Very Fine  Cat £160-- £24

2d Greenish Blue - used on small piece cancelled by Black ( with slight bluish tinge) Belfast spoon  Cat £120--  £32  SOLD

2d Blue SG.35 used strip of 3 showing the much displaced vertical perf line (Also shows the horizontal displacment of the laid down impressions)-- £38  SOLD

2d Blue Plate 4 Wk SC Perf 16 a horiz pair TB/TC with TC showing extreme wear at base- TB also showing early stages of wear-- Cat £400+-£145

2d Blue (KA) Pl.4 Wk.SC Perf 14 used on env from Strachur- stamp unusually placed lower left-Complete with original letter inside-cover with slight scuff top right.  SG.23   Cat £375-- £95


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