Longmead Philatelics

1d Red (BF) Plate 25 -cancelled by Town CDS - Wessex type probably Honiton=  V.Fine with 4 good margins-  Cat £700--£200

1d Red (CB) cancelled by light Dorchester CDS- 4 clear to wide margins-  Cat £700 -- £95  SOLD

1d Red (SE) Plate 21 cancelled by Lyme CDS - stamp shows re-entry + "S" Double - 4 close to good margins  Cat £700  - £82

1d Red (SJ) Plate 35 cancelled by fine No.2 in MX-  Stamp shows the only re-entry on this plate Fine with 4 well clear to wide margins- Cat £180 ( as a normal 2 in MX)-- £44

1d Red (NC) Plate 31 cancelled by  Fine full strike No.4 in MX - 4 Good to massive margins - There is a light crease line (not immediately visible) - still an outstanding   - £165  SOLD

1d Red (CA) Plate 24  cancelled by a fine strike of York MX - 4 good to large margins   Cat  £700-- £195

1d Red (OG-OH) Horiz pair from Plate 24- each cancelled by a fine individual strike of York MX- Good to wide margins all around- Slight reverse faults  on OH(faint bluing rubbs and faintest trace of a crease line- neither barely noticeable ) Cat £1400----£240

1d Red (TD) Plate 15 cancelled by a Blue MX (stamp also shows basal shift ) Cat £650---  £150  SOLD

1d Red Plate 40 cancelled by a fine No.3 in MX.  4 large to huge margins- Cat £225--- £84   SOLD

1d Red (PK) Plate 27 cancelled by a fine No.4 in MX- 4 good to wide margins-- £145   SOLD

1d Red (QA) Cancelled by a very fine No.7 in MX 4 good to large margins- Clean fresh and attrctive  Cat £160 --  £78  SOLD

1d Red (PE) Plate 27 cancelled by a fine upright No.7 in MX- 4 good to wide margins  Cat £160-- £45

1d Pale Red (HB) cancelled by 68 numeral of Bewdley in Blue- Fine with 4 good margins-- Cat £250 ---£25  SOLD

1d Red (KK) Plate 34 cancelled by a fine neat Deep dark blue MX-  4 good margins-- £74

1d Red (BJ) Plate 38 cancelled by an indistinct Blue MX- Fine with 4 good margins  Cat £650-- £42  SOLD