Longmead Philatelics

1d Red (GF) Plate 61 cancelled by Boxed No.1 of Arundel/Littlehampton- Fine with 4 clear to good margins- £110    SOLD

1d Red (RH) Plate 31 cancelled by fine upright No.7 in MX- Shows variety "P converted to R"--Fine with 4 good Margins-  Cat £160- £62

1d Red (HI-HJ) Pair from plate 36- very Fine used cancelled by upright N0.7 in MX-- 4 good to large margins  Cat £320--£145  SOLD

1d Red (CC) Plate 21 cancelled bya super full York MX- Stamps also shows 2nd "C" Double-  4 very good to wide margins-A lovely example- Cat £700--£250  SOLD

1d Red (DH) Plate24 cancelled by a fine York MX- Fine strike-- 4 good to large margins- Cat £700--£150

1d Red (BF) Plate 25 -cancelled by Town CDS - Wessex type probably Honiton=  V.Fine with 4 good margins-  Cat £700--£220

1d Red (CB) cancelled by light Dorchester CDS- 4 clear to wide margins-  Cat £700 -- £95

1d Red (SE) Plate 21 cancelled by Lyme CDS - stamp shows re-entry + "S" Double - 4 close to good margins  Cat £700  - £82

1d Red (EB)  Plate 89 cancelled by a fine No.1 numeral of Abergaveny in Blue-- Good legible strike -  4 well clear to wide margins  Cat £250-- £48   SOLD

1d Red (IC-ID) horiz [air each cnacelled by a fine No.1 in MX- 4 clear to wide margins- minor reverse imrerfection  Cat £360- £68   SOLD

1d Red (SJ) Plate 35 cancelled by fine No.2 in MX- Fine with 4 well clear to wide margins- Cat £180-- £38

1d Red (QJ) cancelled by fine upright No.3 in MX - Fine with 4 good to wide margins - Cat £225-  £38   SOLD

1d Red (KC) Good used cancelled by good strike No.4 in MX-  4 very close to good margins-  small corner fault- Cat £600  - £46    SOLD

1d Red (NC) Plate 31 cancelled by  Fine full strike No.4 in MX - 4 Good to massive margins - There is a light crease line (not immediately visible) - still an outstanding   - £225