Longmead Philatelics



2 1/2d jubilee on env cancelled by Dumb cancel
Backstamped Rio De Janeiro 8th Dec 1897
Includes original content being   a   Christmas Car from Pacific Line R.M.S Liguria  Dec 8th 1897
Wishing you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year--printed on board-£32

4d Jubilee Green and Brown -a corner Imprimatur

Fine Unmounted Mint-Clear to huge margins

Has clear 2010 RPS Cert   Cat £725----£345

10d Dull Purple and deep dull carmine (good definate shade) also shows broken frame line lower right corner - Unmounted mint- fine and fresh- SG.210a Cat 800--- £260

4d Jubilee with Inverted Wk-- Fine Unmounted Mint-  SG.205  Cat £1600-- £575

Jubilee 2.1/2d An Imprimatur (-from plate 4)--Fine Mint with 4 good margins  Cat £725--  £225    SOLD

Jubilee 5d Die I  Imprimatur-  Fine Mint  with good to very large margins Cat £800 -- £245     SOLD

3d Jubilee used on O.M.H.S registered env from Lerwick--£14

5d Die 1  - Unmounted Mint -Just very  faint gum wrinkles - otherwise excellent with good perfs and centering-Clean and fresh- SG 207-  Cat £1100-- £245