Longmead Philatelics

1d Red (QK) Plate 42 used on cover from Wells -Front shows Boxed No.10 + Cross undated circular -Stamp cancelled by 864 numeral has 4 good margins- cover with light horiz crease  - £52

1d Red (KA) Plate 66 used on neat mourning env -stamp with 4 large margins  - £18

1d Red HG) Plate 55 used on env from Broadway- May 14-1845  reverse being a printed advert for Stocken Stationers.Env  with some light creasing-Stamp fine with 4 good margins cancelled by 137 numeral of Broadway --£78

1d Red being the Plate 77 BA "B" Blank Corrected - used on cover from Helmsdale- Stamp lightly cut into otherwise good to large margins-Has copy of 1984 RPS Cert.  Cat £1500 off cover  - £545

1d Red (NB) Plate 144 used on part  cover (no side flaps) unusually cancelled by London duplex -Stamp fine with 4 wide margins -light Chapel St.G in blue on reverse-- £56

1d Red (ME) used on env - reverse with Baginton undated circular.  Stamp shows both side lines recut--- £18

1d Red (GI-GJ) horiz pair from Plate 93 used on cover from Carrigfurgus (greyish town CDS on reverse also crossed by straight line Magheramorne in blue- Stamps fine with 4 good margins-cover with some light wrinkling away from stamps- £55  SOLD

1d Red (HH) used on small neat env from Rugeley cancelled by 660 numeral with town CDS beside-- £25