Longmead Philatelics


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1d Intense Black (HK) Plate 1b showing the Non-coincident re-entry.

4 v.good to huge margins.Cancelled by excellent Red MX wich is slightly oily onto reverse otherwise super-£250

1d Black (IK) Plate 1b:Fine used with 4 good to huge margins-part of HK at top--£195

1d Black (PA) Plate 1b -showing the   non coincident  re-entry and enlarged letters. 4 v.god to huge margins-there is a slight thin at edge of left margin-£250

1d Black (TC) PLate 1b-Very Fine used cancelled by fine Black MX which leaves most of profile clear. 4 wide margins-Attractive--£190

1d Black (MG) Plate 1b-Superb used cancelled bu an unusually fine Black MX-shows recut side at left+ variety dot in P of |Postage-£220

1d Black (HG) Plate 1b-on  thin paper  exceptionally so. Very Fine Used with 4 v.god to large margins-Clean and fresh  Cat £500 -£185

1d Black (OH) Plate 1b with Inverted Wk.  V.good used -4 well clear to wide margins--

Cat £2500-- £390

1d Black (HC) Plate 1b with Inverted Wk-cancelled by good strike of London Broken Points MX in Black.

Shows variety recut side line at left  4 good to large margins  Cat £2500+---£550

1d Black (KH) Plate 1b on Thin Paper  -Fine used with 4 good to large margins-Light Red MX

Cat £500--£165

1d Black (TA) Plate 1b-cancelled by 1844 numeral cancel.  A corner copy with 4 large to huge margins.

Impressive but has some sort of corner repair at (lower left-(either thin or tear)  -Cat £1800---£265