Longmead Philatelics




1d Black (GC) PLate 1b -showing the non-coincidental Re-entry- Fine used with 4 good to large margins cancelled by a fine Black MX- £185   SOLD

1d Black (CL) Plate 1b- Clearly shows the re-entry-  Superb used cancelled by a very fine Red MX- 4 Good margins-£275    SOLD

1d Black (MH) Plate 1b clearly showing the non-coincident  Re-entry-Very good used with 4 good to large margins- £140   SOLD

1d Black (PG) Plate 1b -shows the variety "dot in O" - Good used - 4 good margins--£135   SOLD

1d Black (TJ)  Plate 1b with Inverted Wk  - Good appearance with 4 good to large margins-Very slight shallow reverse thin - Cat £2000-- £285   SOLD

1d Black  (EK-EL) Plate 1d horiz pair-- EK shows Re-entry in top squares (+recut and altered letter position to Pl.1a)  - Fine used with 4 clear to good margins- each neatly cancelled- £380   SOLD

1d Black (NH-NI) Plate 1b horiz pair  - 4 close to good margins - left stamp somewhat untidily cancelled- £195   SOLD