Longmead Philatelics



1d  Black (RI) Plate 1b - Shows retouched check letters--Superb used with 4 wide margins all around cancelled by fine Red MX- £330   SOLD

1d Intense Black (HC) Plate 1b - clearly shows the recut left margin line- - Very fine used with 4 good to wide margins cancelled by a fine orange -red MX - £245

1d Black (IJ) Plate 1b- Very fine used cancelled by a very fine used Black MX- 4 well clear to large margins-- £180

1d Black (FD) Plate 1b - clealry shows burr lines at base + NE of One nearly joined- Fine iwth  4 good/wide margis-£145

1d Black (PA) Plate 1b- Clearly shows the non-coincident Re-entry- Fine used with 4 clear to good margins- Pinkish Red MX- £125  SOLD  

1d Black (RH) Plate 1b- Very good use- 4 good to large margins-  £115   SOLD

1d Black (BL) Plate 1b -with Inverted wk on Very Thin paper-Very Fine with 4 wide to mostly large large margins-- Cat £2000  -  £645

1d Black (MH-MI) Plate 1b horiz pair both showing the non-coincident Re-entry- Fair iti good used with 4 close to good margins - some minor faults/imperfections Cat £1250--£195  SOLD