Longmead Philatelics


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1d Black (QA) PLate 3- Superb Used - 4 wide to mostly large/huge margins-Cancelled by v.fine Red MX-Attractive--£325

1d Grey Black (OI) Plate 3--Superb Used- cancelled by a fine strike of bright Red MX  - 4 good to lage margins-Attractive---£220

1d Black (NI) Plate 3 Fine used cancelled by Red MX which leaves profile clear-Bright print-Clean and fresh--£165

1d Gery Black (KA) Plate 3- in a soft shade (shows small "F" of Pl.3)--Fine with 4 good margins---£150

1d Black (SL) Plate 3-- V.Fine used-cancelled by neat light Red MX- 4 good to wide margins-- £175

1d Black (TE) Plate 3..  has 4 close (but clear) to good margins-Fine Used--£72