Longmead Philatelics



1d Black (OI) Plate 3- Superb appearance in a softer shade, cancelled by a lovely Red MX- 4 good to large margins -£195

1d Black (LI) Plate 3  showing constant variety  (line under "One" double)- Very fine used with 4good margins-Good Red MX- £160

1d Black (PD-PE) Plate 3 horiz pair - showing variety letters "P" with small loops- Good margins all around-Good Black MX cancels - there is a pressed out crease on PD - not easily visible-- Cat £1700-- £285

1d Black  (LE-LF) Plate 3 horiz pair - 4 clear to large margins - lightly cancelled - small marginal thin on LE - Cat £1700-- £285

1d Black (OG) Plate 3 on Bleute Paper- Superb used with 4 good margins cancelled by a very fine Red MX   -Attractive   -   Cat £800   --£250

1d Black (CK) Plate 3 - Superb used -  4 good margins- cancelled    by a fine Red MX- £1210

1d Black (NI) Plate 3 -Very fine used cancelled by a bright scarlet red MX-   4 good to mostly large margins-- £175   SOLD