Longmead Philatelics


1d Black (IA) Plate 4 - Fine used with 4 wide to large/massive margins -£210

1d Intense Black (IK) Plate 4 -Superb used cancelled bya super Bright Crimson Red MX- 4 very good to wide margins- Exceptional-  £450   SOLD

1d Black (BE) Plate 4 on Bleute Paper- Fine used  with 4 good margins-cancelled by Red MX--Cat £850--£195

1d Black (PA) Plate 4 in a most unusual worn state for this plate--Clearly shows "P" Double- Fine with 4 very good to mostly huge margins-£195   SOLD

1d Black (SC) Plate 4 - showing the Re-entry (top right corner) - Good used 4 clear to good margins--£105   SOLD

1d Black (AD) Plate 4- Very good used with 4 good to wide margins- Black MX leaves profilr clear--£145   SOLD

1d Grey Black (GC) Plate 4- Unused - No gum- Good appearance with 4 clear to large margins- Cat £13,000--- £575  SOLD