Longmead Philatelics


1d Black (TG) Plate 4 Very Fine used in a deeper shade- 4 good margins cancelled by a fine Red MX- £245

1d Black (JH) Plate 4- Superb used, cancelled by an excellent Red MX - 4 good margins-  £265

1d Black (MF) PLate 4 in a deeper shade- superb used cancelled by a fine Red MX- 4 good to wide margins--£195

1d Black (BE) Plate 4 0n Bleute paper- Fine used with 4 good margins-cancelled by good Red MX- Cat £850-- £210  SOLD

1d Black (PD) Plate 4-- Very Fine used- 4 very good to large margins-Fine Red MX-  £240

1d Black (RE) Plate 4 -Fine used with 4 well clear to good margins - Good Red MX- £125   SOLD

1d Grey Black (KG) Plate 4-  Fine used with 4 good margins- very good black MX- £125  SOLD

1d Black (QL) Plate 4 - Fine used with 4 clear to wide margins-Fine Red MX- £145  SOLD