Longmead Philatelics


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1d Black (FC) Plate 5 -Superb Used

4 wide margins-Red MX leaves profile clear-Attractive-  £225

1d Intense Black (LK) Plate 5-

Fine Used

nicely cancelled by fine Red MX

4 well clear to good margins-£140

1d Black (ND) Plate 5 in a super deep intense shade-Clearly shows the Re-entry- Very fine and attractive with 4 good to wide margins

-Fine red MX---£220

1d Black (EJ) Plate 5-Fine used

cancelled by a super full strike of Red MX--4 clear to v.good margins--£135

1d Black (ND) Plate 5-clearly showing the Re-enrty-Fine used with 4 good to very good margins-£150

1d Intense  Black (SH) Plate 5

Cancelled by a crimson Red MX

4 well clear to good margins--£95

1d Black (OI) Plate 5 -on Bleute Paper - 4 good margins-Good Black MX--Cat £750-- £160

1d Black (AD) Plate 5-cancelled by Black MX-with 4 well clear to mostlt large/huge margins showing good part of stamp below--£240

1d Black (QL) Plate 5 -Very good used with 4 margins showing full sheet margin at right-cancelled by good Black MX  -£550