Longmead Philatelics


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1d Intens Black (TF) Plate 6 -Superb

Cancelled by a lovely Red MX

4 Good to large/huge margins

Very Atractive -£525

1d Black (CH) Plate 6-Very Fine used cancelled by a ( Salmony Pink) Red MX--£250

1d Black (EG) Plate 6-Very Fine used in a paler shade cancelled by a bright carmine Red MX

4 good to large margins-Attractive- £250

1d Intense Black (KF) Plate 6

Very Fine used-4 good to mostly large margins

Fine Red MX---£190

1d Black (TC) Plate 6 on slightly bleute paper-4 good to huge marginsCancelled by neat Black MX--£220

1d Black (HG) in an excellent Intense Black shade-Very Fine used cancelled by fine Red MX- Attractive -£210

1d Black (LK) Plate 6-Fine used cancelled by Red MX which leaves profile clear-- 4 clear to good margins-- £88