Longmead Philatelics

1870 1/2d Plate 9- Very Fine used cancelled by neat part CDS

Fresh and clean

SG.48-- Cat £850-- £250 

2d Blue (ML) Plate 15 with Inverted Wk cancelled by 683 numeral of Salisbury- good appearance but some small perf faults top -scarce plate with Inv wk-

Good used --Cat £450--£42

1/2d Plate 5 used on super large part cover cancelled by large part Edinburgh Newspaper Branch CDS- very attractive- £35

2d Blue Plate 13 with unofficial H.H. Underprint- Very fine Mint-  SG.PP86-  Cat £575---£275   SOLD

2d Blue Plate 14 with unofficial "W.H.Smith & Son-186 Strand" Very fine used with very good legible underprint. Cat from £275 but rarely seen- £95

2d Blue Plate  13 with "Property of A&S Henry Manchester- Stamp has a corner repair but underprint is unaffecte.  SG.PP96-- Cat £475-Scarse-£95

1/2d Rose Red Plate 1 Variety Imperf- Good mint with original gum- 4 wide margins  Cat £3000- £445

1d Red  (CL) Plate 225- Very Fine used cancelled by 409 numeral of Jersey-Good perfs and centering Cat £700--£265

1d Red(HB) Plate 225--Fine used-Good perfs and centering cancelled by 805 numeral of Torquay--£260

1d Red Plate 152 with J.S & Co Underprint- some slight faults away from underprint which is intact-Scarse SG.pp269 Cat £525- £185  SOLD

1/2d Plate 11 used on 1879 34th Annual Directors report of the Paisley Cemetry Co-(makes interesting reading)-Stamp very fine cancelled by neat CDS--£34  SOLD

1d Red Plate 95 - cancelled by Ortsmouth Sorting Office Star shaped cancel-   Good used- £58  SOLD

1d Red Plate 93 -being the "MA_Wk Error" which is quite easily seen on reverse-  Cat £500-- £185  SOLD

1d Red (EK) Plate 225  - Very Good used unusually well centered with good perfs- quite lightly cancelled- Cat £700 --£195   SOLD

2d Blue (RI) Plate 14 - Good Unmounted Mint- SG.47 Cat £500  -£75   SOLD

2d Blue (DE) Plate 15 - Good Unmounted Mint -Odd small usual gum wrinkle0 Cat £525-- £75   SOLD

2d Blue Plate 8 with Inverted Wk- Fine used cancelled by CDS -scarse as such--  Cat £275 - £58   SOLD