Longmead Philatelics

3d Rose Plate 7 in a supeb bright shade- Very Fine used cancelled by part Liverpool CDS

SG.103  Cat £70 -- £45

4d Vermilion plate 12 of superb appearance-excellent colour cancelled by 2x Snaith CDS cancels- there is a small marginsl rubb on one stamp---£110

4d Pale Vermilion Plate 13 fine used strip of 3- each with Gresham House CDS- SG.94  Cat £225-  £65

6d Lilac Plate 6 Wk Emblems on Thick Paper- Good used with small part cancel leaving head clear--SG.97a  Cat £175   £42

9d Straw Pl.4 Wk Emblems _Fair used cancelled by indistint CDS- Bit drab but qiute scarse SG.94  Cat £600-- £58

3d Rose Plate 7 Superb used - lovely bright colour cancelled by neat part CDS leaving profile clear-clean and fresh.  SG.104  Cat £70---  £48

3d Rose Plate 9 Very Fine used cancelled by part Troon CDS - leaving profile clear-- SG.103  Cat £70--£52

3d Rose Plate8 a neatly used Block of 4 each cancelled by a Chard CDS--SG.103 Cat £350---£95

6d Lilac Plate 6 -- Very Good used cancelled by part CDS/duplex-Difficult stamp  SG.104   -- Cat £175----£44

10d Pale Brown - quite neatly used cancelled by Light Mark Lane CDS-little off centre- SG.113   Cat £400   -- £78   SOLD

6d Mauve Plate 9 - Very Fine used cancelled by Scottish uncircled Kirkowen CDS- SG.109   Cat £90  -  £48

3d Rose-Very fine used-cancelled by Torquay CDS-  SG.103 Cat £70  - £40

3d Rose Plate 7 - Very fine used cancelled by Swasea Docks CDS- £48

3d Rose Plate  8 cancelled by French 734 Lozenge of St.Malo--£28   SOLD

3d Rose Plate 9 - Fine used cancelled by Chislehurst CDS- SG.103 Cat £70-  £28

6d Mauve Plate 9- Fine neatly used cancelled by Liverpool CDS cancels- £78

6d Mauve Plate 9 Very fine used -Liverpool CDS cancels- Good colour-- £95

6d Mauve (Nice deep colour) Plate 9  Fine used cancelled by Naas CDS- £22