Longmead Philatelics



10/- Blue - Fine used cancelled by Guernsey double ring cancel--marginal showing pillars at base

SG.319    Cat £600    £150

EdVII 2/6 Dull greyish Purple -Superb Unmounted Mint- Superb Unmounted mint-Clean and fresh- SG>315  Cat £1750 --  £575  SOLD

EdVII 2/6 Dull Greyish - in a deeper shade) Fine Unmounted mint  SG.315  Cat £1750-- £625   SOLD

2/6  Pale Dull Reddish Purple -mint but has a vertical gum crease- SG.316  Cat £300  - £35

5/-  Carmine - Unmounted mint -has a small bluish gum blemish in gum - otherwise lovely appearance-well centered/good perfs--SG.318  £875   -£145   SOLD

5/-  Carmine Superb Unmounted MInt-Excellent untoned/uncreased gum- Clean and fresh-well centered /good perfs-  SG.318  Cat £875-   £375

5/- Carmine- Very Fine  UNmounted Mint- excellent uncreade/untoned original gum-  SG.318   Cat £875- £335

10/- Blue- Fine Unmounted mint- Clean and fresh with fine original gum  SG.319  Cat £2100-- £625

10/- Blue Very Fine Unmounted marginal  mint- There is a small gum wrinkle in margin -not affecting the stamp itself-which is in clean fresh condition- SG.319  Cat £2100-- £750   SOLD

EdVII £1 Deep Green -Superb Unmounted mint in an amazing exceptionally deep dark shade- Excellent uncreased original gum-very appealing  SG.320  Cat £3000--£950

EdVII £1 Deep Green- Superb Unmounted mint- Excellent in all respects-Untoned/uncreased original gum-well centered good perfs-- SG.320  Cat £3000- £895  SOLD

EdVII £1 Deep Green- Very fine (very) lightly mounted nmint-  SG.320  Cat £2000  -- £550

1911 EdVII 1/2d Harrison Perf 15x14 block of 4 Mint block of 4-Mounted top 2- lower pair  unmounted 

SG.279  Cat £ £215-- £58

1/2d Harrison Perf 15x14  - Fine marginal UM Mint  SG.279  Cat £65-- £15

1911 1d Rose Carmine Harrison P.15x14 mrginal UM Mint shows minor frame break lower left- SG.281--£16

6d Dull reddish purple on Dickinson paper Good very lightly mounted mint SG.301  Cat £250-- £58  SOLD

1911 1/2d Green Harrison print horiz pair left stamp showing the major variety Gash/distortion in crown used on small piece cancelled byMuch Wenlock CDS cancels- but the variety has a damaged corner- SG. 271--- SG Spec M3g- unpriced used- £35 - SOLD

3d Harrison Perf 15x14 showing a frame break top left frame line- SG.285--- £6

2/6 Dull Reddish Purple - Very Fine used cancelled by 149 Regent St CDS

SG.316  Cat £180--£88-  SOLD

1911 EdVII £1 Deep Green - superb used cancelled by a lovely neat Guernsey CDS-Fine fresh colour-Exceptional and very attractive-- SG.320  Cat £750-- £345

1911 EdVII £1 Deep Green in a super deep bright shade- Very fine cancelled by small Guernsey CDS-- SG.320   -- £295

2/6 Dull Reddish Purple- Superb Unmounted Mint-Clean and fresh with excellent gum - SG.316- Cat £600 ---£250    SOLD