Longmead Philatelics



1d Pink env  with two strikes of Intaglio (negative seal) mail bag cancels-Unaddressed - Back flap a little damaged -£62  SOLD

1d Pink env cancelled by MX -showing Micheldever Penny Post beside. Reverse with very fine strike Andover-Road town CDS- Fine all round condition-  £48

1d Pink env cancelled by MX -Basingstoke to Barnstaple + shows Toombstone Paid in Red - £12

Small env (with its original letter) from Havana (town CDS on reverse) to France Script Per Steamer angalis-Southampton-Shows GB 1F.60c accountancy mark on reverse  -£38

1d Pink Env cancelled by scare  Exeter Wessex Town CDS- Some faults inc repaired tear at base and to  coiple reverse flaps- but appearance still good- £72   SOLD

Newspaper Wrapper - Headed Special Postal Wrapper- Various faults (with taped up splits) though quite good facial appearance- £58

1809 Free Frank (parliamentary Privalage) cover -with good strike + Hollywell Mieage Mark in black-Looks attractive- £28