Longmead Philatelics


Inland revenue 3d Pink- Imperf Die 2 (2-4-60) - Very Good mint with good original gum

SG.L129 - F29   Cat £200  - £78

Inland revenue 3d Pink Die c (3-4-60)

Slight central oily marks -otherwise good mint

SG.L129 F29   Cat £200    £22

Inland Revenue 1/- Pink Die F (17.6.64)-Very Good Mint -has a light gum bend/crease down right side

SG.L135 F34  Cat £300- £65  

Inland Revenue 2/6 Pink -Imperf Die O (7.6.61) -Good mint but has some slight reverse tone/greasey spots

SG.L138 F38   Cat £400   £68

Telegraph 5/- Rose Plate 3  - Superb used cancelled by a super Cheltenham CDS in blue- M-Outstanding and most appealing.  Has a 2020 Brandon Cert.  SG.T15  Cat £1100- £595  SOLD

Telegraph £1 Brown Lilac- Very Fine used cancelled by a neat light Glasgow CDS- Fine fresh and attractive. SG.T17  Cat £950-  £385  SOLD

£1 telegraph Brown Lilac - quite good appearance cancelled by Edinburgh thimble CDS cancels - some slight soils mostly onto reverse- Cat £950--  £160  SOLD

Telegraph 10/-Slate Blue- Imperf overprinted specimen- Good mint- Cat £325-  £90

Telegraph 1/- Plate 4 an imperf marginal pair overprinted Specimen- Good Unmounted Mint  Cat £260--  £95

Telegraph 6d Grey Plate 1- Imperf overprinted Specimen -Fine Mint. Cat £130--£32  SOLD

Inland Revenue 1860 1d Lilac Provisional Issue with Inland Revenue overprint in Red- Top right corner has a small fault/stain -otherwise fine with good original gum.  SG.L108 Cat £900--£85